Our mission

The NUBIJA public bikes in Changwon, Republic of Korea.

The Alliance mandate is to promote EcoMobility internationally in both industrialized and developing countries. The Alliance's key activity areas are:

  • Set the standards on how to measure EcoMobility in cities. The Global Alliance, through ICLEI, is coordinating the EcoMobility SHIFT project, which will establish a labeling scheme and a quality management system to stimulate cites in improving their sustainable mobility policies.
  • Promote and advocate for EcoMobility in cities, towns and rural settlements on the basis of its beneficial effects on health conditions, air cleanness, noise avoidance, efficient use of public space, energy efficiency and citizens’ savings.
  • Encourage investment and identify opportunities for improvement in EcoMobility infrastructure and systems in order to make EcoMobility a feasible and attractive mobility option for people around the world.

On the two bullets referred above, the Alliance is organizing the EcoMobility Changwon 2001 - World Congress on Mobility for the Future of Sustainable Cities.