Alliance Chair City has new Mayor

The Alliance Chair city, Changwon, Rep. of Korea, recently went to polls and elected a new Mayor Mr. Ahn Sang-Soo. Mayor Ahn is a lawyer by profession and has worked in the judicial system for over 20 years. He was elected to the National assembly in 1996 and has served as an assembly member for 4 consecutive terms, during which he was also the Chairperson of the Legislative and Judicial Committee. Mayor Ahn is from the Grand National Party. It is understood that Mayor Sang-soo has EcoMobility high on his agenda during his term. He is also very interested to promote the public bike-sharing scheme of Changwon, NUBIJA.

The Mayor has already directed his EcoMobility staff to begin research on ways to improve the current bike-sharing scheme such that it can be made more attractive. The ICLEI - EcoMobility Alliance secretariat is supporting the city of Changwon in gathering experiences from various cities that have already implemented a bike sharing system.


Apply Now! MobiPrize for Enterprising Cities/States

NEW AWARD! For 2014, SMART Mobiprize has partnered with ICLEI Ecomobility to create an award of recognition for City/State governments or government owned agencies/public enterprises that have demonstrated active efforts to build a culture of innovation and encourage entrepreneurship in sustainable transportation through enabling policy changes, capacity building, data sharing, funding (ppp) and other resource allocation efforts.


Nominate Your City for the 2015 Sustainable Transport Award

Has your city done impressive urban mobility work in this year. Then your city might be eligible for the prestegious Sustainable Transport Award (STA).


Find more information from staward.org


Electrification of urban bus systems in Münster

In Münster, an EcoMobility Alliance City, the demand for electric city buses is expected to grow in the coming years. The city's focus on reducing emissions is very clear. Public transport will to contribute to a better environment in the city center. Thus, the city has opted to participate in the ZeEUS project.


TOD Standard released at WUF7

The Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Standard developed by ITDP together with Despacio and Nelson Nygaard, was released during the World Urban Forum. Along with the standard ITDP also released TOD scores of 50 developments from around the world.

The TOD Standard, built on the rich experience of many organisations around the world, addresses development that maximizes the benefits of public transit while firmly placing the emphasis back on the users i.e. people. ITDP defines this form of design Transit-oriented Development (TOD), marking a key difference with transit-adjacent development, which is simply buildings located next to transit corridors and stations. TOD implies high quality, thoughtful planning and design of land use and built form characteristics to support, facilitate and prioritise not only the use of public transport, but the most basic modes of transport, walking and cycling.

More information on TOD, visit: todstandard.org


Urban Transport and Urban Development Training Course at WUF7

ICLEI - EcoMobility together with Alliance Partners, GIZ and Despacio, conducted a one day training course on Urban Transport and Urban Development on 06. April 2014 in Medellin, Colombia. The course was a pre-event to the World Urban Forum 7 held in Medellin from 07 - 11 April 2014.

Over 40 city officials, academia, international organisations, development banks and multi-laterals attended the course. The course focussed on the importance of implementing sustainable urban mobility, EcoMobility, in our developing cities. The presenters also focussed on practical topics on how-to implement EcoMobility in cities.

The participants of the course also underwent a group exercise where they measured the WUF venue for its EcoMobility friendliness.

ICLEI together with various Alliance Partners conducts capacity building activities such as above. To be updated on the forthcoming trainings by ICLEI - EcoMobility or the partners, subscribe to our mailing list.


EcoMobility at Transport and Just Cities Session

On 7 April 2014, EcoMobility participated in the Sustainable Transport and Just Cities session organized by EcoMobility partner SLoCat together with UN HABITAT, Bridging the Gap Initiative, CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, Despacio, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Ford Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank, and Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP).

The one-day session focused on the importance of sustainable transport for making cities more socially and economically equitable. Through eminent speakers such as Michael Replogle (ITDP), Gil Peñalosa (8-80 Cities), and Dr. Joan Clos (UN HABITAT), the importance to develop transport that serves the needs of people was highlighted. All the speakers boldly underlined the importance of having and promoting public transport, walking, and cycling in our cities. It was commonly agreed that automobile dependency in our cities can only be avoided by reducing the priority to personal automobiles and shifting the priority to sustainable urban mobility i.e. public transport, walking, and cycling in an integrated fashion.

Mr. Sunny Kodukula, ICLEI EcoMobility, moderated a session titled "Making Use of Social Media and ICT to realize safe and inclusive access for all." The main message of this session was that using social media and ICT, access and use of transit and non-motorized transport can be made safer, more comfortable, and attractive.

The presenentations from the Transport and Just Cities Session can be downloaded from the SLoCat's website.

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